luxury fabric made out of lotus fiber, handspinned and handwoven by women in Cambodia

The lotus fabric is very eco-friendly cause every

steps of the process is made by hand,

from the field till the clothes.

My work there was to elaborate a collection of handwoven bracelets and scarves in lotus combined whith some other natural fibers like silk and kapok.  

lotus petals
handwoven fabric for the bracelets
lotus flower
bracelets prototypes
silk dyeing
lotus stem
silk dyeing
lotus warp on loom
lotus swatch
lotus swatch
lotus scarf prototype
lotus leaves
silk, lotus and kapok dyeing
bracelets prototypes
lotus spinning
lotus and kapok skein
everything is good in lotus !
lotus warp preparation

© 2020 by Saskia De Kinder  -  Photos by  © Saskia and Georges De Kinder